Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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After receiving a free sample of this product and trying it, I went out and bought a case of it. i have never had such an easy time getting my kids to want to clean, but they LOVE using this, especially if i tell them NOT to…lol a couple of years ago my daughter asked me to paint her room a nice pink, so i did. shortly after, she decided that she was going to color all over the walls, top to bottom. I couldn’t find anything to use to get the drawings (for lack of a better word) off the walls without also taking off the paint. well, the magic eraser worked like a charm and my daughter is the one who is putting in the elbow grease.

The eraser has worked on EVERY surface that i have tried it on, from wood to plastic. My counter tops, despite the nicks from knives, is cleaner than it has ever been. I use an eraser on my pots and pans to get rid of baked on grease and just about anything else that I can find to use it on. my oven is clean, my stove top is clean….and there is no need for excessive use of sprays. Just use the eraser and then a dab of cleaner for antiseptic purposes. This is the greatest invention since the wheel, it must have been a parent who did this!


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