Listerine Instant Dissolving Whitening Strips Review

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I got these whitening strips as a free sample directly from the company. They sent out quite a few at the time. My daughter and I both tried them on the spot, and were both very pleased with them. We have tried other brands and didn’t like the flavor or the after effects of using them. Not to mention the others are much more time consuming to use.

I am one who really does not like the taste of Listerine, in general, but I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the whitening strips. They have a very pleasant taste, are easy to apply (once you figure out there is a right side and a wrong side to applying them). They work great within a few uses, and they dissolve quickly. While you are using them, there is little tell tale sign of them. (only if, like me, you apply them the wrong way. READ THE DIRECTIONS 😀 ). My daughter took a bunch of the samples for her friends to try and she is 14. THAT is how good they are.

I definitely recommend that people try these if they want to whiten their teeth fairly quickly with very little fuss.


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