Digital Concepts SD/MMC Reader/Writer Review

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I absolutely LOVE this handy little gadget. It is a card reader for digital cameras that use SD cards. It is easy, convenient and awesome to use. No more messing with wires to get your pictures transferred to your computer. Just take the card out, pop it in this handy little gadget and plug it into the USB port. It is plug and play, so it will be read very easily, then you chose which software you want to open and store the pictures. I bought this little gadget just because I liked the looks of it. It isn’t a storage unit, just a transfer one, but it is the only way I transfer my pictures now. No more dealing with wires (remembering where you stored them or getting them untangled). It is great!

The Digital Concepts SD/MMC Reader/Writer is compact, easy to store and is very user friendly. It is so easy to use that my fourteen year-old daughter can transfer pictures for me with no problem at all (and I don’t think it will be long until my five year-old son will be able to do it as well). When you are done transferring the pictures, just click on the icon to safely remove hardware, find it in the list, click stop and unplug it. EASY!


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