Delicious eggs with spinach

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This delightful cool appetizer serves 1. Easy for preparation and very, very delicious is this recipe. The time for preparation is about 30-40 minutes. I have tried it yesterday and I find it very fresh and good for use.


2 eggs

1 table spoon butter

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder

50 gr spinach

Slice of cheese or yellow cheese

Leaf of lettuce


thin slices of ham

Method of preparation:

First of all you have to boil the eggs. Next cool them and after that peel the eggs. Cut them into halves and take the yolk. Mix the yolk with the butter and stir well. You have to salt to taste and sprinkle with the black pepper powder. In a hot water boil the spinach, then dry it and add to the yolk mixture. With the new mixture you have to fill the halves of the eggs. In a big plate put a leaf of lettuce, then put slices of cheese (I personally prefer yellow cheese slices) and on the top place the eggs with the spinach. Some parsley could be used for decoration, as well as slices of ham near the eggs. You can use the appetizer for drinks like vodka,rakia,bier,etc. Enjoy this wonderful appetizer.


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