How to Avoid Getting Tricked by Low-fat Food Products

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If you’re craving a snack and you don’t want to eat those fried chips then most likely your choice would be baked potatomag-glass_10x10.gif chips. Healthy right? I’m afraid not. Baked potato chips may be low in fat but the calories are still high. It doesn’t contain a substantial amount of fiber and it simply won’t fill you up. A better alternative would be popcorn. It’s 65% less calories and it contains more fiber than baked potato chips. Try to find popcorn that has been cooked with no oil or with canola oil.

Another snack that has been deemed healthy but isn’t would be the gummy fruit snacks. Yes they are fruity and fruity may be healthy, but these snacks are loaded with fructose corn syrup and that’s not healthy for the heart. Instead, try eating fresh fruits that are filled with fiber,lower in calories, and overall healthy from all angles.

We all scream for ice creammag-glass_10x10.gif but is light ice cream any healthier than full fat? The answer is no. Although light ice cream may have fewer calories, the taste and texture is much fainter than the full fat which leads to more than one serving. We’ll just end up eating more and not exactly enjoying the flavor. A better choice would be dairy free ice cream made from coconut milk. A good brand to try out would be Turtle Mountain Purely Decadent. It’s fewer calories and it tastes good!

Soda drinks have been part of our culture for a long time now. Dieters tend to go for diet soda thinking it’s a healthier choice but unfortunately studies showed that diet soda will only lead to a flabby belly. A less tragic alternative can be flavored seltzer water. Avoid the ones with artificial flavoring. Seltzer water is good for hydrating your body and it provides the flavor and the fizz that we so need in our day.

Salads are a must have for weight watchers all over the world. Naturally, it’s not a salad without any creamy dressing. Fortunately, there are nonfat salad dressings to choose from! Unfortunately, they are loaded with sugar and high in calories. A better choice would be vinegar and oil based salad dressings that are not only delicious but can save you from the vicious cycle of losing weightmag-glass_10x10.gif and then gaining it again.

Dieters indulge in the occasional cookie when the craving gets too strong. However, studies show that they tend to indulge more when the cookie is a low fat cookie. It may be low in fat but the reality is that it contains extra sugar which makes it no different than the full fat version. Luckily there is always the oatmeal cookie to save the day. Try to find ones that have whole wheat flour, made with honey or cane juice, and oil instead of butter.


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