How to register your own company in Malaysia

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Visit Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM located in a shopping complex called The Mall. The Mall is in Kuala Lumpur. You can view the Kuala Lumpur directory for The Mall’s address. Once there, you will find SSM on floor 2.


Inside SSM, look for the section where all the forms are located and select FORM PNA.42. Fill in the form with all the necessary information and add three names of your choice for your company. There will be a queue so you need to take a number and wait for your turn. Once it’s your turn, go to counter 8 and give them your form.


It will take around 10-20 minutes before your form is processed and accepted. If a company name has been chosen from the three options that you provided on your form then you need to fill in a FORM A with the approved company name. Again, there will be a queue so you need to take a number and wait for your turn.

Once your number has been called, you will be required to pay Rm70 for a 1 year license. If you want a license for 4 years then you can pay Rm280 and that is the maximum amount of years you can pay in advance. They will give you a receipt and, yet again, you will need to wait a full hour to get your company certificate at counter 7.


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