10 Cheap rental car tips

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Getting the cheap deal on rental cars can be done if you are willing to put a little effort into it. Making a few phone calls and checking online can save you 30 percent or more on car rentals.

Here is a list of things to ask and do to get cheap car rental bills

  1. Check for cheap package deals if you get airfare or hotel stays.
  2. Check for discounts through your car insurance company.
  3. Check with AAA, AARP, or any club or association you are eligible for.
  4. Check with the car rental company for memberships and cheap discounts they may offer.
  5. Contact your credit card company to find out how much and what rental car insurance is offered.
  6. Contact your travel agency about travel insurance and whether rental cars are included on it.
  7. If you carry full coverage car insurance, this can be a cheap option to cover your rental car. Picking up full coverage for one month to cover the rental may be a cheap way to insure your rental car.
  8. Keep the cheap by comparing insurance options before signing the rental agreement.
  9. Check the cost per gallon of refilling the car if the company does it.
  10. Check the fuel level in the car before leaving the rental company. If it is not full you have to fill it before return or pay them to fill it.

Car rental can be an expensive proposition. There are steps you can take to keep the cheap when you make a car rental.


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