When Teen’s Turn Violent

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It almost seems common these days to hear about a teenager turning violent, whether it’s at school or in a mall somewhere or at home. They seem to be out of control.

What’s setting them off and what should be done about it? Are we as parents responsible for the behavior of our minor children? Someone has to be responsible for their actions. What about the teenagers who are considered adults because they are over the age of 17? It seems the violence is getting worse each year. It was just last year during the Christmas season when a distraught young man opened fire in a shopping mall, all because he had broken up with his girlfriend.

It’s our jobs as parents to teach our children that breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend is not the end of the world, nor is losing a job. We need to teach them that all of this is a normal part of being an adult. You learn from your mistakes, and if you’re dead, you can never learn.

I know the best parents in the world can have a child misbehave, steal or even kill, but even the best parents need to be held accountable in some way if their child is involved in a criminal act. Should they have to pay? Yes, court costs, damages, and whatever else the law allows. If more parents were held accountable, maybe they would instill more values into their children.

Some parents are responsible and do the right thing, and they still have to pay the price, sometimes with their lives. These are the parents who die by their own teens hand or an acquaintance of their children and it’s usually for something minor like getting grounded or forbidden to see a certain friend.

Tragedy happens every day; it’s a part of life. We need to raise our children to be able to handle life when a tragedy strikes them. Let them know it’s okay to feel sad, even to be angry, but it’s not okay to take the anger and frustration out on other people. If we don’t teach our kids how to handle the day to day stress, what’s going to happen when they have children?


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