Ten ways to Annoy Co-Workers

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Do you have a job where at least one person always gets on your nerves?  Who doesn’t?  Here are a few funny things to do to get back at that annoying co-worker!  Keep in mind, these things are intended for fun only… well, maybe not!

  1. Rearrange the icons on their desktop.
  2. Super glue the telephone receiver to their desk.
  3. Constantly whistle annoying songs.
  4. Vigorously pop and chew gum.
  5. Hide your co-workers scissors and tape dispensers in a different place each day.
  6. Bring really stinky food for lunch.
  7. Place a clear piece of tape over the ball of their mouse so it won’t roll.
  8. Link all their paper clips together.
  9. Place a fart machine under their chair; keep the remote in your pocket. When someone walks past their desk, press the button.
  10. When a co-worker looks at you, place your finger up your nose.

Beware: Doing These Things May Lead to Termination.


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