Where to watch Yes Man online for free

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Do you like the movie Yes Man? I do! I love Jim Carey in it. He’s a hilarious creature. The movie was the first in box office. Well, it’s a comedy and people love comedy you know. I really like the movie and I think that you will too. I love to watch Jim being funny. You will get a lot of laughs in this movie.

The website that you can watch it for free is called www.dailymotion.com. This is the best site on the internet as you can watch it instantly without signing up or paying unlike other movie sites where they make you sign up and open an account and then pay. This is a no hassle one stop for the best movie. The best part is that you can watch any of the movie that is new in theater for no charge. I love this movie. Jim Carey is hilarious and it’s hard to not like his movie. I always enjoy Jim Carey. You can expect many laughs from this movie. This is a really funny comedy about a guy who’s not going anywhere in his life and he’s used to saying no but then he took a workshop and after that he begins to say yes. It’s just funny to see Jim Carey act and I think it’s worth the time to watch this one.


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