What is Dungeons and Dragons

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HI there, if you are a roleplayer you’d probably wont find anything new about this article, let me explain to those of you who may have heard something about Dungeons and Dragons but don’t really know what the game is all about. The game is played by having a bunch of people sit around a table with a bunch of dice and some books, maybe even with a big map and some minatures that represent their persona in the game that they are playing.  This is a game of group story telling, where the main story teller is called the Dugeon Master and the rest of the players play one main character in the story that the group weaves together. This is why playing such a game like this is called roleplaying, because like acting you are taking on another persons identity for the duration of the game. The type of character that you could be playing usually falls into the following categories, a burly warrior, a clerver wizard with spells, or a stealthy theif, to name but a few.

So in some ways this game is all about story telling, but in other ways it is a bit like a complicated version of chess, or some other boardgame. The type of stories that we usually play invovle rescuing princesses from a monster’s lair, tracking down some evil villain or raiding long lost tombs for fantastic treasure. The games usually contain slaying of monsters and nasties but in general the game promotes people to play heroes, and are no worse than any video game out their. The advanatage that roleplaying has over say some computer game however, is that it is a social game. It is a good way to network and make friends, normally each group will be made up of a group of 5 to6 people.  It is also a good way to keep your kids off the streets, the game normally dosn’t leave the table top.

Some people have talked about DnD being linked to Devil worship or over such activities but I havn’t every seen such things ever happen in my some ten years of playing the game. I can tell you that the majority of people who play games like this are often people who go on to university, I myself have three university degrees, and a friend of mine is undertaking his doctorate studies in clinical drug trials. I can also say that my friends that grew up playing with me have gone on to such careers as, bank manager, teacher, an infanty soldier in Iraq and also a investment banker. All quite successful people, roleplaying didn’t do anything to hurt any of these people, indeed it is an intellectual game that fosters creativity, socialising and problem solving skills.


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