Five Amazing and Spectacular Canadian Waterfalls

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Have you ever wondered where the best waterfalls in Canada are? Well I have come up with a list of what I find to be the most spectacular waterfalls in Canada. I did not forget Niagra Falls but instead was trying to find ones not so famous to everyone so please enjoy!

Takakkaw Falls, British Columbia
This amazing waterfall is located in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. It’s officially the second highest waterfall in Western Canada. The road leading to the top of this waterfall is opened in Late June and closes in October after first snow. This waterfall was also featured in the 1995 film “Last of the Dogmen”. They are truly an amazing site that can only be experienced in person to get the full effect.

Montmorency, Chute, Quebec
This waterfall has been associated with people since a 1542 expedition to the Quebec area. The falls have an 84 meter drop which in the winter freezes and makes an excellent toboggan hill for the young and old. Usually in summertime months the falls are lit up and the centre of some festivals.

Panther Falls, Alberta
Panther Falls is supposedly the 4th highest waterfall in Canada but there seems to be confusion on the real height of these falls. Most Canadian sites claim the falls to be 183 meters in height but because its not one continuous flow of water but rather a series of falls which eventually join each other, people claim its only really like 60-63 meters. I don’t care because either way these waterfalls are still an amazing site to see in person.

Hunlen Falls, British Columbia

Hunlen falls is considered to be the 3rd tallest waterfall in Canada at 1,000 feet plus. It’s shear size and beauty is amazing and a must see in person. Looks like the end of the planet!

Della Falls, British Columbia
This is Canada’s biggest waterfall and the second biggest waterfall in North America. It was discovered in 1899, by Joe Drinkwater who was a miner. Shortly after discovering the waterfall he named it “Della” after his wife. Joe and a number of other men had a mine shaft close to waterfall which now is flooded but there are still traces of mining equipment all about the site from 100 years ago. The total height of these falls is 440 meters and they are an incredible site.


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