How to Cope from Unemployment

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In order to better cope with unemployment, you must first get your head on straight. Keeping your spirits up will help you better navigate down the road. Get some advice and encouragement from your family and friends.


Wake up early and schedule your job search. Plan on doing some research online for some companies that are hiring. Go to the library to read books on how to write an outstanding resume. See what you can improve on to increase your chances of being hired at work again.


Next, apply for unemployment benefits. Remember, the earlier you you apply, the earlier you’ll receive your first check. Although the check is nothing compared to what you used to earn at work, it’ll help cover for some expenses.


Make sure that you track all of your spending. You no longer have the luxury of not knowing where your money is going. You can easily do this by carrying a notebook and pencil and jotting down everything you buy. Once you know where most of your money is going, you can look for ways to cut back.


Get your priorities straight. List all of your spending and bills in order of importance. Remember, skipping credit card bills will leave a ding in your credit, but skipping mortgage payments will leave your homeless. Be smart, and know what comes first.


If you are planning to use your home equity, proceed with caution. Setting up a line of credit can be a smart thing, if you are not unemployed. Discipline yourself to only use it during emergencies.


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