How to Prevent Laptop Theft While Traveling

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While traveling, try to back up your data as frequently as you can to minimize the risk of losing data if your laptop is stolen. Keep sensitive and valuable files separate from your laptop.


Use laptop recovery and data protection data and files. These are highly effective in the event your laptop is stolen. Many protection data can track down your laptop and help recover it with the help of the police. It can also remotely wipe out sensitive data.


Keep your technical gear with you at all times. Instead of putting your laptop in noticeable laptop bags, put it somewhere inconspicuous. If you have it in your car, put your laptop in your trunk. This way, baggage handlers and thieves won’t know what’s in your bag or car.


If you are staying at a hotel and need to go out for a bit, put all of your laptop and technical equipment in the hotel safe. If the hotel does not offer a safe, put your laptop in a secure cabinet, or simply hide it somewhere.


Make sure that you do not log onto unsecured online wireless connections. Anyone can easily access your laptop or computer, and gain important data.


Avoid accessing into your financial and banking records when you are on a trip or traveling, especially when using public online wireless networks. This can be very dangerous if your data ends up in the wrong hands.


While online on sites, do not save passwords or “remember me.” If a thief gets hold of your computer, they have easy access to steal your online identity.


Lastly, make sure that you always clear your history after browsing the web. Web browsers remember every site and everything you’ve done on your laptop.


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