How to Get the Most out of Every Gas Purchase

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In order to get the most out of your gas purchase, drive smoothly! Avoid heavy accelerating or braking. These can actually reduce your gas mileagemag-glass_10x10.gif by over 5 percent around lower speeds and over 33 percent on highways.


Replace old and dirty clogged air filters. Replacing with new ones can improve gas mileage by over 10 percent. It also protects the engine against impurities.


Make sure that your car’s tires are not under-inflated. Having the correct pressure can increase gas mileage.


An easy way to get the most out of your gas purchase is to unload any unnecessary items that add weight. Removing excess weight will definitely improve your car’s gas mileage.


Make sure that you apply the recommended grade of oil for your specific car. Following your manufacturer’s recommendation can improve your gas mileage by over 2 percent.


Use high quality gas. Carbon can build up on critical engine parts, which decreases car power, gas mileage, and performance. Using high quality gas can help lessen the carbon build up, helping cars perform their best.


Use car cruise control when you are on major freeways in free flowing traffic. Maintaining a steady and constant speed can help save gas and improve gas mileage.


Avoid idling in your car. You pretty much get zero miles per gallon of gas.


Avoid driving at higher speeds. Gas mileage usually starts decreasing when you start driving past 60 miles per hour.


Lastly, try purchasing your gas with a rebate credit card. You can earn rewards and points if you accumulate a certain number of points.


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