How to Keep Your Family Flu-Free

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To keep your family away from the flu, make sure that you get your daily amount of healthy food. Eating fruits and vegetables strengths your immune system to fight off diseases. Look for sneaky ways to slide in some sliced peppers into your child’s sandwich. A healthy diet makes a healthy family.


Get in the habit of always washing your hands. This is the best way to prevent the spread of viruses and the flu. Wash with warm water, and use paper towels instead of cloth towels to prevent the germs from harboring.


Next, stay active and exercise! Not only will this make you healthy, exercising is a great way to strengthen your immune system for your family! Make some time to get moving and about. Try jogging or do some fun activities with your family to get their hearts all pumped!


In order to protect your body against the flu and other viruses, make sure that you take your daily vitamins. A body that is low on certain essential minerals and vitamins is more prone in getting the flu. Protect you family and stay healthy by taking vitamins. Remind the kids to make it a ritual every morning after breakfast.


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