How to Save Money on Your Water Bill With Your Toilet

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Just changing your toilet, or adding a component to your toilet, can make a huge difference in your water bill. It can also help you to do your part to save clean water that will have to be treated in a local plant. This saves energy, keeps water bills low and puts less water into our sewers.

1. Replace your toilet with a low-flow toilet. These have been improved over the years and today’s models now perform better than the older-style low-flow toilets that had to be flushed several times. These use far less water and will save you on your water bill as well as conserving water.

2. Use a compost toilet. These toilets use very little water, and some models use no water at all. These toilets turn human waste into composting material instead of using gallons of water to flush it into the sewer system. While this may not sound as appealing as simply flushing the waste away, it can be a great way to help to fertilize a garden. Composting can help you to create organic landscaping as well.

3. Install a low-flow device in your existing toilet. These range from tank bags which help you to control exactly how much water you save to adjustable flappers that give you similar control over how much water your toilet uses. You can adjust these devices until you find the right amount of water flow that will help you to save water without having to sacrifice the efficiency of your toilet.


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