Five Canadian Chocolate Bars

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Big Turk
This as you can see is called a “Big Turk” chocolate bar made by Nestle Canada. The inside of this chocolate bar contains what is called a “Turkish Delight” which is like a chewy fruit centre surrounded by milk chocolate. Not a favorite chocolate bar of mine but many other Canadians love it mainly because it’s low fat.

Crispy Crunch
This is another one of Canada’s favorite chocolate bars that I couldn’t believe was only sold here. That wasn’t always the case though because this chocolate bar states in the research it was sold in the States for a brief time in the 90’s until the company that owned that bar went bankrupt and sold to Cadbury. For those of you who don’t know and are curious what it is made out of well it’s a hard chocolate bar with a peanut flake inside that can’t be beat.

Eat More
Research on this particular chocolate was vague, but according to history it’s only sold here in Canada but consider yourself lucky because in my opinion this is one of the most disgusting chocolate bars I ever had. As of this date it’s made by Hershey Canada, and is dark toffee mixed with peanuts and chocolate.

Now if you have ever visited Canada then chances are you have spotted this chocolate treat on just about every store shelves. Glosette’s come in chocolate covered peanuts as well as chocolate covered raisins and almonds. This particular snack is now made by Hershey Canada.

Coffee Crisp

Finally we got Coffee Crisp. Like the commerical use to say “It Makes a Nice Light Snack”. I love any kind of chocolate that is combined with coffee but this to me is the absolute best chocolate bar around.

So this is the list but please keep in mind some of the facts I might have come across could be possibly out dated but these 5 are the one’s I’m sure are only sold in Canada.


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