No Cold Feet, Please

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CLEANSING: Before you pour on the moisturiser to battle the dryness, it it important to be clean. Soak your feet in warm (never ever hot) water. Keep a pumice stone handy in the shower and use it at least twice a week to exfoliate the dead cells. Invest in an exfoliating scrub or salt. Sugar mixed with kitchen oil can also be used as a substitute. Or apply a scrub of gram powder, curd, salt and turmeric for a natural cleanse. Before soaking, you can also give yourself a massage with combination of coconut oil and sandalwood oil. This keep your feet soft.

MOISTURISING: A moisturiser enriched with Vitamin E works best, so hit the market. Apply generous doses and pull on a pair of socks. Cotton ones do well to retain the moisture. If your heels are cracking, vaseline or cocoa butter before bed can be a big help. Alternatively, give them a lemon soak (made my adding two drops of lemon extract in warm water) and then apply a homemade ointment of natural wax heated with coconut oil or olive oil. Always make sure your socks are clean and change them daily, and do not moisturise the area between the toes and nails to heavily, as these may cause fungal infections.

NAILCARE: It’s a good idea to give your nails a trim right after a soak because they’re soft and easier to manage. Smooth down rough edges with a file. Cut them straight across and not too short, and refrain from cutting out or digging out the corners. Do not leave nailpolish on too long, as this leads to yellowing. If you don’t own a cuticle stick, you can push in the edges with the corner of your towel. A good way of healing hangnails is to pierce a Vitamin E capsule and massage one drop of it into your nail. For a smoother coat of polish, use a cotton ball dipped in facial astringent to remove the excess oil.

So put in a little extra time, make sure to wear shoes that fit well, preferably of leather or canvas instead of synthetic material, socks that aren’t too tight, and drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated, and you’re all set to put your best foot forward this winter.


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