Be Healthy With Feng Shui!

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In the system of Feng Shui, health has a central position, being known that people of China give great importance to how to live healthy. Moreover, those who have studied this phenomenon have shown that the energies of nature, determined by shapes, colors and positioning of certain objects in the cardinal points, can influence the lifestyle of people who adopt this style.

Today, this traditional Chinese science is becoming increasingly accepted by many people who want a fulfilling life full of health and love. In Feng Shui there are used a series of objects that have beneficial role to act in a certain area. Health symbols are numerous and widely used.

How to attract health

Plant that is considered to have miraculous properties in several areas of health and not only is the bamboo. They say that one who has bamboo stalks growing in the home or garden does not get ill.

Also, the pine is considered a bringer of good health. Besides this there are some fruits like peaches, cherries, grapes, if they are kept on the table, is said to bring health, but they also attract abundance.

Tips for extra energy

– Above all it is very important that you stay in a home very well ventilated. Airless rooms inhibit constructive ideas and prevents you think correctly.

– Also, the cleanliness and order of things are very important. Dirt and disorder will prevent you from thinking clearly.

– Plants are effective in a house both in terms of reducing carbon dioxide, and the limitation of electromagnetic radiation. As mentioned above, bamboo is a plant health whip, so you only have to buy a few stems on which they sit in all rooms.

– It is very important to give up unnecessary items you’ve accumulated over time and have not dropped, as old frills, used toys, dusty paintings, etc. 3-4 years old things are causes of bottlenecks in various aspects of life.


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