Root Level Leadership

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Feature of socio-economy-Existing world wide socio-economy is evolutionary impacts of intelligence. In all respect intelligent people have been governing the world wide societies. Existing classification or social categories connecting to poor, rich, illiterate, literate, worker, entrepreneur, executive, aristocrate,governing and common people etc. among people is evolved from evolutionary social system. Governing people (legislative, executive and judicial) are stand for balancing the socio-economy base on justice, humanity, equality, liberty and distinctiveness among people. Laws and troops are being framed for executes the system. Laws are generally holding for nurturing the right and duty. But still now so many agitation, revolution, strike and mob are being arisen every day somewhere of the world for which natural resources, existence, production, time and productivity are being destroyed ,and so many unnatural disable, widows and orphans are also being created which is also another broaden to society both morally and economically.

Role of religion and education-. Religion and education is stand for awaking the potentiality, courage, bravness, moral, dignity, pravecy, right and duty, some extend  those have been fulfilling the people. But it is observed that generally maximum people of the world are trapped by superstation, communal sentiment and blind faith rather than perpetual, eternal and invariable truth about life and universe. But truth is world wide natural resources are stand since long ago for facilitate world people for fulfill the existential needs, and religion is created for establish refined human civilization, distinctiveness and liberty among world people. Generally centralize of natural resources in the name of infrastructure, non productive ammunition, aristocracy expenditure, victorious and great race in the name of country is become fascination and slowly grasp the ignorant.

A heart of virtue– That which protect nurture and fulfill uphold of existence with over all progressive becoming maintaining with justice, humanity, liberty and distinctiveness pertaining to contemporary situation is called leader. Foolish men are being trapped by social system. They are really disciple of own prophet who normally goading or torching people with doing and discerning to get rid   from social and economical obscure by improving the potentiality. Without losses of time, production, productivity, lives or creating widows, orphans, strike and disable balancing the socio-economy is called real leader. There are several ways to execute such practice practically, regionally or widely with help of intuition is called attraction intelligence. Such balancing leadership is possible when one simple obeys the principle of own prophet.

Temperament of starvation-(A)-Though some people among wallow know the reality of situation ,but due to lack of platform they do not embodying   their goal ,on the other hand in some circumstances due to starvation or lack of organizational help they are trapped by repulsion intelligence, and it is a usual practice in world wide societies.

(B)-Most of leaders in various fields or legislatives are inclining to as usual no benevolence systems, because for passionate material possession, fame, name, post and aristocracy. Though media, press or NGO is working for resist the discrimination, humiliation and injustice then also world wide working class are suffering in miserable socio-economy condition, and can not utter a single word against manipulation and exploitation, because of due to lack of proper social organization and system.

(C)-Maximum wallow people are not interested in governance chain, and only think for food and shelter due to lack of culture.

(D)-Leader work is to project practically about the potentiality of workmen and congregated them by interdependent social and economical practice with various project for come out from yielding or exponent.

(E)- Interdependent platform would be framed among wallow people for participating in legislative in cordial and normal way in long term basis which will mitigate or reform the social discrimination with cold and calm mind wave changing with repulsion intelligence act in every field of society.

(F)-It is axiomatic truth that violence action of wallow leader taking money and muscles from ignorant for establish the justice, humanity and liberty is an same system or procedure as current governance, in the long term again movement of wallow will disappear and become a disguise as like current organization, and again world wide ignorant will become more and more than intelligence.

Determination and code of wallow leader-Education, cultivation, trading, industry, technology is improving, simultaneously execute of repulsion acts in every field of society, poverty, ignorant and violence are also increasing. Repulsion act is a temperament of mind. Mind an unseen and flowing through brain cells. Brain cell are working as per environmental impulses. Arisen sensation by impact of outside impulses is temperament of mind or thought of mind. Every thought is being colored by a subtle system every movement is a test of versatile of social act. One of versatile is animosity or repulsion intelligence which suppressed the existence, and make self unhappy and other to be unhappy. This is an unseen natural calamity for human civilization. Without adherence to own prophet no one can control repulsion intelligence .Therefore we need religion. However religion is micro mechanism management within man by guidance of own prophet or incarnation or guru for self happy, and let other be happy. Therefore perpetual principle of own prophet is code for all social and economical leaders in term of being and becoming which wide form will be  balancing socio-economy regionally and internationally.

Earth is a manifestation of providence-Any corner of world is laboratory for implement the existential truth. The essence of truth and organizational deeds will be highlight by own way , for this only hearty, steady determination and perfect way is needed, and it will spontaneously comes from intuition means divine prompt. A magnetic current of captivating flow will be emanating from social and economical leaders which can reform the world wide unbalance socio-economy scenario.


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