Two Wheels Of Refine Civilization

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A-Hindering to the acts of animosity of wild animal and man, an action plan has been evolved for protect nurture and fulfill uphold of existence with progressive becoming by congregated the people of definite area, and verbal or written decision taken in specific manner for governing to selves is politics. Animosity acts of wild animal is somehow disappeared ,but now animosity acts of man is creating world wide fierce and dread situation .Latest laws and troops are being framed by world wide polity bureau since nomads age for mitigate or control the animosity acts  means repulsion intelligence acts or foolishness acts of man. But world wide governing people selves have been involved in animosity acts like:-

B-Nomad age-Leader motivated people for fighting for green land, though earth has been providing various natural sources for fulfill the existential needs of all creatures.

C-Middle age-Imperialism and autocracy compelled people for animosity act by framing troops and weapons. Though administration point of view only internal security is inevitable for resist the versatile animosity acts.

D-Democracy, communism and autocracy-Political party are instigating and encouraging people for political riot, religion riot, discrimination, corruption, manipulation and disintegration in the name of material possesession, fame and name and mainly for holding governance system  and dominant others continuously.

E-Though religion is independent body, then also they can not highlight the perpetual truth for refine world wide polity bureau, because they are also struggle for subsist or subsistence.

                         Though, so many independent organization, media, press and NGO are working for highlight the repulsion acts in every field of world wide society, then also still now maximum people of the world under the poverty line and illiterate. Day to day world wide ammunition competition and man made widows, orphans, disable, extremist are increasing, like wise trust and integration is decreasing among world governments, but simultaneously infrastructure,communication,education,cultivation and technology is increasing. That means intelligence of prosperity are improving, but intelligence for hindering the repulsion intelligence or foolishness acts among world wide governing people or common people are not improving.

                                          Animosity act is a temperament within man. It is a spontaneous act of man by getting impulses from outside or inside. Therefore animosity act of man is natural calamity for human civilization. Head of animosity is arisen  again and again in society which  creates war, violence, massacre, widows, orphans, disable, poverty and ignorance etc,and disturbing world wide peace and happy both individually and collectively. Then it is a continuous process of human civilization and innocent people of the world victimized without any cause .Natural resources of earth stand for fulfill the existential needs of all creatures, then why not world wide polity bureau distribute those with attraction intelligence connecting to country boundary,trading,prosperity,technology, trust and integration.

                                              Now it is moral duty of world wide savant people, media, press and NGO to control the unseen natural calamity (repulsion intelligence and foolishness) by giving positive impulses practically which provokes refine politics thought among world wide polity bureau along with common people? Then how it is?

                                 Intelligence is a temperament of mind. As per temperament man acts accordingly. The way of manage the temperament from repulsion or foolishness to attraction intelligence is religion. Attraction intelligence is that sustain life and growth with effulgence of personality both individually and collectively. Then it is clear that neither world wide maximum polity bureau nor maximum common people become attraction intelligence for which latest ammunition is looking to annihilating the human stake and maximum people of the world wrapped by fascinated, sentimental, obscured and abstract philosophy of politics. Then conclusion is proper conception and provocation practically about temperament in every field of world wide societies is to refine the politics concept which  will be balancing the socio-economy and establish justice, humanity, liberty and distinctiveness. What is the reality of temperament perpetually and eternally ,and its practical deeds regionally and internationally is proper solution of evolutionary refine politics to make world trust, integration ,peace and happy. Basically temperament is connecting to religion. Therefore religion preaching contents most to be covered the theme as follow-

F-(1)-Religion roles is to blowing positive temperament for proper utilization of earth properties along with amusing the every one’s soul properties happiness.

(2)-‘Holy Books’ of each community should be explained in perpetual, eternal and invariable way for make a trust, integrate and peace world.

(3)-Micro mechanism of man should be goaded for inspiring and improving the every one’s potentiality for establishes harmony, distinctiveness and liberty.

(4)-Blow a thought of common motto or interest for being and becoming among world people.

G-Now moral duty of every savant people of world is to find out the way for blow an evolutionary refine thought for being and becoming among world people by making common platform abiding to caste,creed,religion and country for hinder the repulsion intelligence act in every field of society regionally and internationally.


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