To All Poets

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I write this as a letter from one poet to another. I write because my heart has something inside that I can’t always seem to explain. Writing is some form of relief from life. I don’t have to be me on paper but I can be someone else. I feel like we as a poet we all have the gift to be able to spell out our emotions on paper. The more I found myself in my poetry the more the poetry felt real when other people would read it and I found joy in that. It seems in the last couple years my writing has exploded and I feel like that my gift is showing on paper. When I began writing I would write in my journal then if I felt like there was something that I could put down on paper I would write. My journal became a stress reliever and a way for the emotions to come through. I felt like when I would write in my journal that I was getting the top layer down and then when I would write a poem I was writing what was under the second layer. I found a muse a few years ago that got me started writing and I felt like there was something there. Then about 8 months ago I found another muse and it seemed like I found what I was looking for. I needed something to spark my heart enough that I could do more writing but in different forms.

I try to make the time to read every ones work but don’t always get the chance. That’s why I am writing this. This is my way to tell you that if I don’t get the chance to read your work that more times than not I will like your work because I can see and understand where your work is coming from. I am so very thankful for the gift of writing and my chance to let other poets read it is important to me. These sites that put our hard work other there for each of us to read is important because we find that we all have common interests and that we each have a gift to write. I am sorry to those poets that I haven’t got the chance to read your work but I am trying. It’s hard when you are busy with trying to get your book promoted plus take care of every day responsibilities. Well, I should continue on with my daily chores and get working on what’s important.


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