Joey DeGraw

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For those of you who don’t know I owe a lot of my book to Joey DeGraw. If you don’t know who he is then it’s time that I give you a peak at whom he is. For those who have heard of Gavin DeGraw then you know a little about Joey because he is older brother to Gavin. I have written about them before but maybe I didn’t enough of you to check out who he is. Joey is a bar owner, musician, and a voiceover actor. You might hear his voice when you watch the channel A & E. He and brother Gavin own the bar National Underground in New York City. He has one album out currently with his new album set to release sometime early this year. Joey’s music is not like younger brother but has his own sound. His music hits your heart when you aren’t looking for it. In Gavin’s beginning years Joey played guitar for Gavin’s band while he traveled and promoted his first album.

There are still times when Joey’s band will open for Gavin. Joey is trying to get his name out there and wants people to know what it’s like to live his life in New York with all the things he does. A good way to learn about Joey and hear his music is to check out his Voice Driven series on YouTube. Joey documents his life and shows life as a musician and a bar owner. There are times in the series you see him doing his voiceovers and you the hard work he does. When it comes to music Joey has a sound and voice all his own that other musicians just don’t have. Brian Weber the producer of the Voice Driven series asks Joey about writing and performing music and you know that he is speaking from his experiences. The joy of writing comes when you perform the song that you worked so hard at writing. For some of us music is our escape from our life into someone else’s. Joey’s first album Midnight Audio sold 30,000 copies without a major record label. That album is a great look at what musicians strive for. Joey is set to release two albums back to back of one another which a twist on one of his current songs. He has a great gift for writing music and it’s known by other musicians.

There are some bands that add too much to the background of their music and with Joey I think he puts a spin on his music. His music is all his own and he works with other great musicians to make his music better. A poet is a great writer and a musician is a great writer and has the talent to put music with his words. Take the time to check out his music and find what I found in his music. I would recommend this musician to anyone.


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