iCarly Review

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iCarly is a show for kids, tweens, and teens about a girl, Carly Shay(MIranda Cosgrove), who makes her own web show.  Carly lives with her older brother, Spencer(Jerry Trainor), who is a wacky artist, and across the hall from Freddie(Nathan Kress), a tech nerd who has a huge crush on her.  Carly’s best friend, Sam(Jennette McCurdy), who likes food(especially meat), and can be a bit….agressive, is almost over all the time.  Together, this group gets themselves into all kinds of situations with things such as school, relationships, and doing the right thing.

While watching this fun and witty show, it is really hard to stop laughing! This is one very entertaining show, that the whole family will enjoy!  With crazy socks, spaghetti and meatball drinks, bedazzling signs, and more, iCarly has become the #1 rated show on Nickelodeon, and its first movie “iGo To Japan” got the highest amount of viewers for any Nickelodeon TV movie!

In my opinion, this is a great show, because it shows people that they can do something exciting and fun without being a wizard, secret popstar, living on a ship or a hotel, being psychic or getting a role on a TV show.  You can put trust into the iCarly actors, because they try very hard to stay away from the gossip magazines, and things like that.  They are all great role models for all the little kids who look up to them, and would never disappoint their fans like some actors and actresses have.  

So what have you got to lose? Check out iCarly on Nickelodeon, every night!


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