Five Canadian Activities To Do During Winter

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Being a Canadian my whole life it’s only natural I would be somewhat use to the cold. Well with that said, the snow has finally fallen and stayed on the ground here in certain parts of Canada so it’s almost time for our favorite winter activities to begin.

1. Hockey
Now the history of hockey is kind of vague but basically from what I gathered the game we know to be played as today was invented here in Canada making it one of the most popular Canadian activities.

Hockey started out as the game “Hurley” that the Irish invented and played in fields. Somewhere around the early 1800’s the game made it’s way to Nova Scotia but the problem was the fields would get covered in snow and ice in winter months making it difficult to play.

The game was originally meant to be played on grassy fields but after it arrived in Canada the game changed because of our different climate. It was adapted for ice and soon became known as “Hurley on Ice” and became very popular in the first 50 years of the 1800’s.

It’s not very clear but it is said that the games name finally changed to Hockey somewhere around the 1860’s to 1870’s when it became an organized game.

Now not only is Hockey only a Canadian favorite but turns out to be a world wide favorite sport watched and played by millions all over the globe.

2. Cross Country Skiing
Cross Country Skiing.jpg
No big surprise here that skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing is very popular among the young and old in Canada. Although skiing was neither invented nor discovered here it has been in our history for thousands of years.

It is said that the Norwegians where the inventors of skiing but its only natural with the amount of snow we get at times that Canadians would adopt this form of transportation.

As time went on cross country skiing gathered more popularity as a way to get fit and see the outdoors. Young and old enjoy the sport and to this day Canadians love to cross country ski for fun and enjoyment.

Where ever you find snow in Canada you can bet you will find an amazing cross country trail to ski and you never know what you will see on your journey.

3. Ice Skating (On Rideau Canal)

Many Canadians love to skate and most love to skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Rideau Canal claims to be the world’s biggest outdoor skating rink and is also famous for hosting the Winterlude Festival. It was started in 1979 and what it consist of is miles of ice sculptures and booths selling treats and souvenirs.

The Rideau Canal is usually safe to skate in late December when the ice reaches a certain thickness. Then in the first week of February if the weather is good enough, the Winterlude festival sets up and takes place.

If you love to skate and enjoy meeting new and interesting people then visit the Rideau Canal during Winterlude you won’t be disappointed.

4. Snowmobiling on the Trans Canada Trail
Now many people all over the world that get snow in their area mostly likely like to snowmobile. Well Canada takes it one step farther when they started to make the Trans Canada Trail.

The Trans Canada Trail is a 21,500 kilometer trial that is meant to stretch from one side of Canada to the other connecting over 1000 communities. Over 70 percent has been completed and when finished will be the worlds longest recreational trail.

In the spring, summer and fall months the trail is mainly used for running, biking and skating but no motorized vehicles are allowed. Come winter months most parts of the trail are open to snowmobiles which makes for a great trip.

The trail passes many snowmobile stops and hotels so you can guarantee a long journey if that’s what you intended.

Over the years snowmobiling has become one of Canadians favorite winter activities to do and all over Canada there are amazing trails to be ridden and spectacular sites to been seen!

5. Ice Fishing
This is a familiar site on most frozen bodies of water through out Canada in winter. For those of you who don’t know its ice fishing and thousands of Canadians are die hard fans of this activity.

Basically what ice fishing entitles is going out and locating a spot, cutting a hole with a chainsaw or oger then dropping your fishing line in waiting for a bite.

Many people in the summer months build little fishing hunts or shacks with trap doors in the floor. They then put in radios, beds, heaters, fridges anything you can think of.

Once winter comes fishermen drag the sheds to a desired location on the ice and drill holes where the trap doors are then fish for days on end. Most use this time to bond with other males and young sons while drinking a little beer and reminiscing about years passed.

People across Canada have been doing this for decades and I have personally known people who love to do this but for me its way to cold even though I’m Canadian.

These are only five popular things Canadians love to do during the winter months but there are many more things that we take pleasure in doing during the winter here in Canada you just got to research a bit.


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