Netbook or Notebook or Laptop? You Decide

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Lots of research and comparisons
  • Try out netbooks at stores like Best Buy to get a feel for them
  • Decide whether you will want peripherals as add ons
  • Antivirus

1images6_Thumb.jpg Side by Side Comparison of Laptop and Netbook

 First, what are they? Just a new buzzword? It’s basically a laptop PC, but smaller, and more inexpensive. If you use a desktop model or laptop, this may not be the change you want. The screen come in 3 sizes, 7″(that’s small), 9″ and 10.2″ (largest). It may take some adjusting to get used to a smaller screen, In comparison to a laptop the keyboards are scaled-down smaller versions. The bigger netbook keyboards are unusually 90% the size of a full one, but the 7″ are the narrowest, and they can be as small as 80% of a full size keyboard. These are important things to know, if you have bigger hands.

 Inexpensive for a New PC User  These are gaining popularity because of their price. Starting as low as $299 in some models ranging upwards to $700. These mobile machine are usually under 3 pounds. They have limited applications and not to be intended to be a mobile workstation. 


The battery life on the Netbooks vary from 3 ,4 to 6 cell. Ideally, a 6 cell would be best.Clearly the bigger the battery the heavier the notebook. If you’ve already got a packed gear bag,that extra half pound can get very heavy by the end of the day. They can provide for about 4 hours of mobile juice. These are typically installed with Windows XP. You will want to install an anti-virus security system on your Netbook also. 4 In conclusion, if you want small, cheap, weightless and internet ready,but not as powerful especially for the gamer, then this may be a great option for business travel or the college student. But they aren’t designed for speed, or carry all the applications you may be used to using on your desktop or Laptop. You may be able to upgrade certain things on your Netbook, but if you are going to go through all the money and expense to do that, a bottom of the line Laptop would be probably a viable investment. Positives,:  price, weight mobility, and internet ready. Many upscale models come with WI-FI or Blue Tooth capability.

Install Antivirus Software

No more than 1 GB, 2 max. No fancy video card, and hard for gamers to see the tiny screen.

keyboard is miniature in comparison to a laptop and may be harder to manipulate.


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