Why write?

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Why write? It is indeed a good question, and a question with many answers, but today in the troubling economic times the question really should be: How can you afford not to write?

To answer that rather cryptic question I need to introduce you to the idea of paid publishing sites. These sites (such as asociatedcontent.com, triond.com and heliumn.com) pay authors for their content so that they can make money of the ads beside it. These sites have several different methods of paying; some like triond pay a percentage of the ad revenue, while others like associatedcontent pay a flat rate for page views. No matter what payment plan you choose to go with, or which site you shoose to lend your content to, the advantages of these sites are undeniable.

The main advantage of publishing online is that it sets up a passive income, or an income that continues bringing in money no matter what. All that you have to do is sit down at the computer and type up an article that is over 400 words and submit it and you can reel in the profit for years to come. However this brings up some important points, such as the fact that your articles need to appeal to the reader, but if you truly write a good article then this is no problem.

However, starting the passive income often requires a lot of work. For one thing you have to write the articles, but beyond that you must also solicit yourselves through various bookmarking and social networking sites and ensure that your name is soon known to the world. This is a tedious task but the rewards are a large increase in reading which increases exponentially as people soon begin to solicit your work for you. Before long you have a long list of essay written and a network of followers who read your every word and encourage their friends to do the same. That is where it gets fun, as you can just leave your articles as they are and continue to reap the benefits of your newly established passive income. At last all your hard work has paid off and whil you are not amzingly wealthy you will be happy to discover that in addition to a fairly large passive income you also have an increased command over the english language and a knowledge of rhetoric that you could hardly have dreamed of before. And that is why you should write, and also why you, of all people, cannot afford to pass by the oppurtunity to write.

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