Power to the Individual!

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WalMart and Target are great stores!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved looking for great bargains in those and many other national chains.  But it’s about time to change our shopping habits.  We can’t go on doing exactly what we’ve been doing and think that somehow things will get better and life will return to normal.  I do believe that’s one of the definitions of insanity.

We’ve all heard stories about “the little man.”  Alan Jackson has a song by that title about how all the big-names and big money came and destroyed the mom-and-pop shops, the independently owned businesses that did business the way they thought it should be done.  They were the people who knew most of their customers by name and would help those who needed it.  They were the ones who would make sure that what they were selling or the services they were offering were exactly what their community needed at that time.  Now, sadly, most of those little businesses are gone, replaced by companies that don’t really care about your happiness, only your dollars.

What if we were all to start taking our money back to the people we can trust to have our best interests in mind?  Would we lose money because those stores can’t offer the low prices of the huge retailers?  I don’t think so. Many small stores do their best to find good bargains for you, their valued customer.  Working in a small book and music store, I can tell you from first-hand knowledge, small stores can and will sell you products as low as they can without losing money from the sale.

Customer Service is, of course, generally better in independent businesses than in national chains, but there is another huge benefit to taking your business to the smaller names: local economy.  That’s right, your local economy will prosper if more locally-owned small businesses take root.  Those businesses will hire local people for fair wages; those people will, in turn, be able to spend money in other local places; more independent businesses will spring up, offering more people jobs, and on and on it could go.

It’s time we stop sending our money to line the pockets of CEOs and CFOs and all those other title-holders and take our business to the people we see every day, the people who you know care about you personally and will do what they can to offer ever better services!  It’s time for a new way of shopping!  It’s time to bring back the power of the individual!  Together, we can end the insanity of doing things the same way and hoping for better results!

See you in the corner grocery store!


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