The Poison That Healed

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Seth Dhaniram was a kind-hearted merchant. He lived with his servant Ramu. Both of them liked each other very much. Ramu tried his best to please his master and Sethji too acknowledged it.

Once Sethji was infected with Malaria and this disease changed him very much. He became very strung and foul-mouthed. All the doctors were forbidden to enter his home and he also didn’t take the medicines.

Ramu tried hard to convince his master to take the medicine but failed. He was badly scolded. Later Sethji gave him some rupees and told to bring poision. Ramu was shocked and tried to argue but his master stopped him, saying ” I don’t want to live such a painful life. Better for you too, you’ll get rid of all the abuses. Go!!”

So Ramu went the shop to bring the poision. He was very sad and walking slowly…… Suddenly he saw something and his eyes started to shine with the joy…….

Finally he returned and handed his master a bottle with some sort of liquid in it. Sethji at once drank the liquid. “Oh, how bitter it tastes, you had to bring something sweet as it was the last thing I was drinking…” Ramu kept quiet.

To Sethji’s dismay, the piosion took long to affect him and he had to wait for some days. Even after a long waiting he didn’t die but his health started to improve instead.
Finally he was full of health & his original self; and that was when he realised what had happened. He called Ramu and asked him what that liquid was. Ramu said it was quinine syrup. Sethji was happy to hear it but then he asked “Why! You disobeyed me!” To which Ramu’s reply was ” No sir! You wanted to die and ordered me to help in it. I have done so. Isn’t ill and troubled Sethji dead now?”

So…. Optimism is the way of life!


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