How To Find Your Ministry

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EVALUATE!  Take a look at the different ministries your church has to offer. Many times we are struggling to find out where we fit, but we don’t know what’s available for us to work in. There are many areas that are not so visual in the local church, but they are just as important & rewarding to those involved.

MIRRORIZE! Yes…I made that word up, but it fits this step. Take the time by yourself to look at yourself. Who am I? Friendly? Vocal? Orderly? Strict? Out-going? Introverted? What makes me the most satisfied? What would I love to do, even if I don’t get paid or recognized for it? Use you “mirror” to inspect the inner workings of “you.”

FOCUS!  Now, focus those characteristics that makes you “you” on something that is going to be effective for the kingdom of God. Your out-going personality could be used for the youth department. Your compassion for others could be effective when visiting the sick & shut-in. Your strict organizational skills could be effective with the adminstrative aspects of the church or a particular ministry.

CO-EXIST! Once you have pin-pointed your area of ministry, begin to ask questions of others in that same area. What are some of the “goods” as well as the “bads”? Don’t let the “bads” deter you from your ministry! Every job, school, church or ministry has its share of issues & problems. That’s why it’s important to find out what you are created to do. You will be willing to go through because it’s who you are and not just a job or task. Abide by the rules of your church when it comes to joining a ministry. You will find a joy that comes from being who you are as well as serving God through your service in His ministry for your life.


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