Welcome Gifts for Horse Lovers

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When you give a welcome gift to horse lovers, you tell them you understand what it is like to love horses. Here are some ideas.

A photograph of the horse lovers’ horse

If you are a good photographer, then you could take the pictures yourself, or you could hire a professional. Imagine how pleased the horse lover would be to have photo of the horse that shows the spirit of the horse-that knowing eye, the curve of the jaw, the arch of the neck.

Sometimes there are professionals at horse shows. Make arrangements for photos to be taken there. If the horse lover does not have a horse, then a book of photos or a frame photo of horses in action would be welcome.

A picture of the horse lover’s horse as a foal

These pictures are cherished. If you can find out who bred the horse, chances are good that the original owner has pictures of the horse as a youngster.

A video of the horse lover riding the horse

Horse lovers cannot video themselves riding their horses. So, do your friends a most welcome deed. Offer to video them in action.

A gift card

Buy a gift card from a horse supply store.  Horse lovers always need something, but you might not know what that something is.  Bucket holders, boots, new reins, horse blankets, or a windproof jacket. A gift card lets the horse lovers in your life get just what they want. You can visit a store or order them on-line.

A year’s subscription to the regional horse newsletter or magazine

There’s so much going on in the horse world. Horse lovers will enjoy getting the local horse news-shows, sales, riding clubs. What horse lover doesn’t want to be up on horse news?

Tickets to the rodeo or a Lipizzaner show

Some horse lovers like rodeos where some of the most fabulous Western horses are on display. Some like dressage where the horses do incredible leaps and moves. Give the tickets you think the horse lover will appreciate most.

You will have fun giving these gifts. Your horse-loving friends and family will feel that much closer to you because they know you understand what it’s like to love horses.


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