Wear a Helmet When You Ride Horses

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Our heads are like eggs-an outer shell and the soft parts within. Riders fly off horses when they least expect it. The horse goes left and the rider goes straight. The horse hits a jump and falls to its knees. The horse rears and goes over backward. In an instant, the rider is off.

A helmet is an extra layer of protection. Wear a safety-approved helmet and when you go flying and land on your head, the helmet might break, but your skull won’t. You can spend less than a hundred dollars or several hundred. Any safety approved helmet will save your head, but make sure you replace it every three to four years. A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

Brain damage is not pretty. People die. People are permanently disabled. The lucky ones get off with a concussion but then have to worry about damage that shows up as Alzheimer’s in their old age.

Helmets have other advantages in winter. They keep your head warm. In summer, there are ventilated helmets.

Another reason to wear a helmet is for your horse. Horses are often put down when riders fall and die or have a serious injury. Wear a helmet. You will not die in a fall. You will not suffer brain damage. Your horse will not be blamed for killing your or causing serious injury.

If you are foolish enough to think you will never fall on your head, that’s one thing. Don’t be foolish enough to risk having your horse blamed for injuries you could have prevented.


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