Mel’s Saketail – Quick, Easy, Refreshing!

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I’m the type who likes simple, inexpensive, quick n’ easy cocktails.

And here’s one I came up with upon visiting my local and shamefully overpriced deli/grocery mart.

After a long stressful day at work and with limited funds and choices, I decided to try a wine spritzer of some kind. Tired of the usual Cabernets and Chardonnays, I noticed a shelf in the cooler with various brands of Sake … a wine I always thought was to be served warm; who  knew.

So I grabbed the cheapest one at $6.99 and pondered what type of soda would mix well with it. I know Sake has its own distinctive flavor, so I really didn’t want a syrupy sweet soda to cover it up. Then I noticed the Tonic Water  with Quinine. That sounded absolutely perfect … at $1.99 a liter.

I mixed 1 part Sake with 2-3  parts tonic (adjust to taste), and added a packette of Splenda to provide a little sweet twist to the tart quinine … and ~VOILA! The perfect cool, refreshing, inexpensive mellow-me-out pick-me-up. Perfect with food, and you can drink several without feeling bloated or brain-dead afterward!


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