Fun Ways To Help Your Child Learn Math

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The first way I’m going to tell you about is Treasure Hunt Math. This can be done two ways (you may think of other ways to make it interesting for your children). First, I draw up a map with a big X somewhere on the map. As my daughter finishes a Math problem, we draw a line from one dot to the next. W continue this until we reach the X. If she has 10 problems, I make 10 dots and then the X. If she has more, I have her do two problem per dot, or however it works out. Once she reached the X (finishes her problems) she should reach the X. Then she gets a treasure. Sometimes I let her chose from a few things (a bowl of ice-cream for snack, 10 minutes longer on Art or Bible Study ~ her favorite classes, 1 extra cartoon to watch, etc.). You chose the treasure from what rewards you would normally give your child. Sometimes, I chose the treasure like read an extra book with me, or she gets to chose what’s for dinner, etc.

 The 2nd Treasure Hunt Math is like the above only I take her Math problems and hide them around the house. When she finishes one problem (or more if she has a lot) she gets an easy clue to find the next problem. We search all over the house and the last problem gives a clue to where the treasure is found. She really loves this way but it is more time consuming and it is hard to get her to sit back down to finish her other work so we do this last when we do it.

 You can also do a Shopping game. We go shopping and my daughter helps me add the grocery prices. As we add items to the cart, she adds the total cost. Sometimes we work on rounding the amount per item before adding them together. I will also put something in the cart that I don’t need. After she has added the amount, I “change my mind” and we put the item back. This gives her the opportunity to subtract.

 If your child loves riddles, you can offer a riddle for every 5 Math problem they complete and get right. If you are creative, you can make your own. If you aren’t feeling up to that challenge, there is a website that has some neat riddles ~ I’m sure there are others but this one seem geared towards children.

 If your child is into sports, you can make a game of sports. If basketball is their thing, then every time they finish 5 Math problems correctly, you play a game of basketball (play to 3 points or something that won’t take all day). If your child loves video games, there are some learning games you can get (Wii has a Big Brain Academy that is pretty challenging but a lot of fun).

* Basically, you know what your child enjoys so find a way to add Math to it and make it something your child looks forward to.

* Whatever you do, make it fun.

* Kid’s who struggle with Math at a young age, need to see it can be fun.

* You can be really creative and do this for any subject your child is struggling with.


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