Reiki and Natural Magick in London

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The Usui System of Natural Healing, now commonly known as Reiki, is a natural form of energy healing using the Reiki of the Universe. Discovered by Dr Usui Mikao in the early part of the 20th century, Reiki is a unique and distinct therapy. In his own hand written documents, Usui?sensei has said “The Usui Reiki Therapy is something no?one before has discovered, and bears comparison with no other treatment in the world”.

Today, Reiki is practiced throughout the world by many millions of people. Forms of Reiki have since been developed, using symbols and practices that differ greatly from the Usui System of Natural Healing.

This manual is based on what we know of the Usui System of Natural Healing, as taught by Mrs Takata and the limited information we have from Usui?sensei’s writing and teaching.

Reiki as practiced and taught by Dr Usui is a powerful and complete form of self development and a path to enlightenment. The system teaches healing for the self and for others, and has given us the Reiki Ideals to help us live our lives for the higher good.

Usui?sensei taught that enlightenment starts with the self, from within ? not from any external sources such as philosophy or logic. Once attuned to the Reiki of the Universe, self?healing and correct living will ultimately lead to enlightenment.

Reiki starts with the self and radiates outwards.

Practice Reiki to understand Reiki.

Understand Reiki to spread Reiki.

Reiki is a gift to be shared. Usui?sensei envisioned a world greatly improved by the spread of the Reiki of the Universe.

As you start your own journey of enlightenment and self?development, keep in mind the ideals that Usui?sensei left us, and his wish that we spread Reiki throughout the world.

Take time for Reiki and work hard at your practice. Use Reiki to heal yourself and to heal others. Always remember that Reiki will benefit any condition, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, no matter how difficult or hopeless it may seem.

As you progress and become familiar with the great Reiki of the Universe, never lose sight of the infinite nature of Reiki. Do not allow yourselves to put limits on the Reiki energy, for it is as limitless and infinite as the Universe.  ( TRADITIONALREIKIHEALING.COM )

Magick and WitchCraft

For the majority of people in today’s world, the word Magick conjures up images of darkly robed old women bending over simmering cauldrons, chanting incantations and summoning spirits.  But true Magick is a completely natural practice and practitioner of Magick use various techniques and tools on a regular basis to influence and improve their lives and others.

Any one can learn to work with magick surprisingly with positive result. You do not need to be a witch to cast a spell and achieve the result you want. With the right intention, a lot focus and good practise, you can learn how to cast spells that get positive results.

But the true magick is so much more than spells and potion. It is connection the power of the human mind with the unlimited power of Universal energies, using spells and magical tools as a focus.

Witches are not the only ones capable of casting spells, although most witches do work magick on regular basis. The world ‘Witch’ come from the old English word ‘wyk’, which means ‘to bend and shape’. This is precisely what witches do: we do bend and shape our lives to our own liking using magick and spells. 

Magick is universal because it uses Universal energies too. Witch it is person and Craft it is tool to use to make magick happen.

Magick is more than a wish list or a feeble hope. It is series of actions, used in conjunction with a focused mind, in order to will positive change into manifestation. It is a belief, a conviction that your spell will work and the change will occur.

Will power and the power of the Mind are the first and foremost tools of magick. No spells can be cast effectively without will power. No positive change can occur without the power of the mind. We are that we think, therefore to work rituals and be magickal, we must think magically. Our minds are complex computers and we are the ones who program them. Therefore we can create our own lives.

Your power will bring you exactly what you focus on the most, and although all energy has periods of ebb and flow, generally, if your intent and need are strong enough, you can manifest your greatest desires into your life. Magick does not go against the laws of nature, it works with them. Natural magick is never- ending study that will take you around the circle of endings and beginnings over and over again, each time opening new worlds of wisdom to you.

You should feel free to bring into this magickal journey any previous knowledge, to cross-references my methods with those in other magick books or practise, and always to ask yourself questions! There are many techniques of natural magick. No one method works best for everyone, and no single approach is the definitive. You will do yourself a disservice not to strive to learn all you can from all available resources, distilling them into what works for you.

A magickal journey is not an easy one. Magick is work, much more so than many who embark upon this path realize. Its techniques can be learned and mastered, but it requires commitment.  If magick were as easy as merely reading a book, then going out and instantly getting what we wanted, we’d all be rich, famous, successful, and beautiful.  We can have what we want if we really do want it badly enough and we make the effort to obtain it. We begin this journey into the magickal by seeking to live our lives in harmony with nature and by looking at the Universe with eyes that see beyond arbitrary divisions between the worlds of form and of spirit. In doing this we become one with these Universal energy and find we can shape and direct them at our will.  


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