Auto care: how to change the fluids in your car like oil and coolant

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You will need to change the fluids in your car often. If you don’t it will all dry up. You should not drive when the fluids are all out because your car will over heat and you can run into some major problems.

You will need to check for the fluid levels to see if it’s low or if it’s still sufficient. You can dip the stick and then take it out and on the stick it will indicate the level of the fluid to see if it’s still good.

If the level is normal then you don’t need to change it but if it’s low then you need to pour in some more fluids accordingly.

You will need to buy the exact types of fluids that your car uses. You will use the types that is matching with your car types. If you tell the clerk your year and model of the car they can tell you which type you will need to use.

Pour in just enough and don’t over flow it or else you can ruin the engine too. Pour in oil if it’s low. Pour in coolant if it’s low. Pour in brake fluid if it’s low. Pour in in transmission fluid if it’s low. Once in awhile you will need to change your oil so that you can get rid of the old oil.


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