Parenting tips: how to care for newborn baby

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Newborns need to be care for so that they will be safe and have the best health. There are certain things that you should not do to them. You can learn a few things to keep them safe.

You should always feed them in an upright positions and never laying down. They can choke from feeding laying down. You should always sit them up when feeding.If they have a respiratory illness you should lay them upright when feeding them. They could get worse if you feed them laying down.

You should never shake the baby because shaking could give their head injury because their brain has not developed well yet. You should not treat their extremities harsh either because it has not develop yet and they could get injury from that.You should not leave them unattended because they can fall or choke or eat something that they are not to do. You should treat your newborn with the utmost care like an egg that you don’t want to drop because it’s that sensitive. How safe you keep them when they’re young will be how healthy they’re when they get older. If you have a baby sitter you should instruct them how to handle the baby in the best way.


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