How to Paint a room with multi colors

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When doing home renovations painting or redecorating a room with multi colors can look very vibrant and add a lot of appeal to your room. Make a trip to your local paint or hardware store and pick up some color samples and find out what works for you.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:

roller – 3/8 inch roller sleeve and handle
rolling pole
rubberback dropcloths
1 5 gallon bucket
roller grid
rags for wiping spills/drips

 Remove all switch and outlet cover plates. Tape all receptacles and switches.

Place drop cloths along walls to be painted. Prime all walls using a good quality drywall primer.

Sand all primed walls to remove any imperfections. Take your roller sleeve and place it on the roller frame, wrap the sleeve with painters tape and then peel it off to remove all excess fur from your roller.

Stir all paints to be used very well, especially deep colors.

Pour paint into 5 gallon bucket and place roller grid in bucket. Tape the top edge of your base trim to make it easier to cut in later. Cut in the room twice using a good quality brush. It is not difficult to cut one color against the other where they meet if you have asteady hand. If not you can always use painters tape down one side to obtain a straight line. Always cut the darker color last so that it will cover the lighter one.

Dip the roller completely in the paint and then roll off the excess on your paint grid. Roll the paint on the wall starting in the middle to remove some of the paint from the roller.

Using full strokes go all the way from top to bottom of the wall, do not stop in the middle of a wall as this will leave start and stop marks from your roller.

Tips & Warnings:

Deep colors such as reds or purples are sometimes difficult to use; they may take three or four coats of paint for complete coverage and should be lightly sanded between coats

Always wear a respirator or dust mask when using paints or chemicals.


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