Pets health: how to keep your pets from getting sick

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You should try to keep your pet free from infections and illness. People treat pets not too clean sometimes and this is how they get sick. You should not feed your pet with dirty foods or use dirty water

because it’s contaminated with bacteria and virus that could make your pet sick.Use clean food bowl so that it’s not contaminated. Clean food bowls afterward. Keep it in a clean area until use again.

Don’t allow your pet to eat other pets waste or stuff on the street. Eating it can make them sick very soon. There are plenty of chances for them to get infections. It’s not a good idea to give your pet bacteria stuff like waste.

Only give clean food and water that are not sit out for too long. You can heat up foods and throw away old foods. Don’t allow your pets to eat or drink from the street. It’s full of bacteria and it’ll make your pet sick.


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