Car Care: How To Keep Your Car In The Best Condition

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The engine is very important but the wheels and tires are important too. Without all the component you can’t operate your car. You can have a great engine but if your tires are flat you won’t be able to drive it. Therefore everything has to be in top shape.

You have to maintain your car on a weekly basis because a lot can go wrong in a week. You have to check for the tires pressure every single day. Just look at it to see if it has great or enough pressure and if it’s low just put some air into it.

You have to change the car tire if the tread is low. Driving with a low tread is not safe. The tire will most likely pop on the road. This has happened in the past as I’ve seen. Change your tire once it’s low in tread.

Have a spare tire at all time. Tires will most likely pop so therefore you will need to have a spare to save you. The spare will be very handy on the road if the tire pop. Never go on a long road without a spare.

Check your fluids every week and change them or add them if they’re low. Always buy the same types of fluids such as oil, coolant, brake fluid, and so forth. Stack it in your trunk and change it on the road when you need to and this is also essential on long road trip because most likely you’ll run out of fluid.


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