Earn Money Writing Online From A Variety Of Sources

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WRITING ARTICLES – There are numerous avenues on the internet for writing including this site, Bukisa.  There are also sites such as eHow.com, and Associated Content that will pay you for your articles.  Please review all of the terms and conditions of the websites before submitting content.

WRITING PRODUCT and SERVICE REVIEWS – Many companies online would like the opinion of people that have used their products and know how to write.  I have been paid to honestly give my opinion on products and services for various web sites.  Search online to find sources.

PRODUCT BUYING GUIDES – Websites often need updated content.  Many times you will just be rewriting the information that is already on their site to make it sound better.  You will quickly become familiar with their product and write buying guides or product descriptions.

HOW TO’s – If there is anything that you know how to do, that knowledge can earn you money.  Write down what you know and submit it to sites like ehow.com, you will be paid passive income that builds gradually.  Everyone knows a little about something.  Write about what you know, it sounds much better.

BLOGGING – You can blog about anything and get paid for it.  You get paid by the advertising on your site.  You can get your own blog or blog on someone else’s site that will pay you to do so.  You can also advertise affiliates on your blog and make money for anyone that joins.


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