Invest inexpensively. You can’t afford not to. You know it and I know it.

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Dump your broker. The cost of commissions to a broker can really eat into your returns. The only exception would be if minus commissions your broker was getting better than market returns consistently. This is rare. I am a former broker.

Establish an account at a discount brokerage firm. Commissions on trades at Scottrade or Ameritrade run in the $10 range.

Commit to using ETFs instead of mutual funds. Most actively managed funds (70%) fail to beat their benchmark indexes. (The Dow, S &P, Etc.) Additionally the internal fees for such funds can be 1.5% or more.

ETFs have minuscule fees, usually close to nothing and seek to track indexes, not beat them. A much better strategy.

ETFs also do not distribute gains at the end of the years like mutual funds. ETFs thus lower your tax exposure while largely eliminating internal costs.

ETFs can both increase your overall returns and reduce your investment bill at the same time.


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