Short the market and actualy make money this year.

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Familiarize yourself with the concept of “shorting” the stock market, or betting that the market is headed down. Understand what it entails and how people id it in the past. Get a general gist.

If you feel the market is headed lower buy a short ETF. Short ETFs go up in value when stocks go down and is by far and away the easiest way for the average person to short the market. If you feel particularly daring buy an ultrashort ETF. An ultrashort ETF will actually go up twice as much than the overall stock market goes down. In other words if the dow goes down 2% an ultrashort ETF will go up by 4%. The problem of course is that the opposite is also true.

Proceed with caution. Develop a solid thesis as to why you are bearish on the future market. But don’t just use you gut. Use it. But not exclusively.


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