An Honest Review of Millet – the Unheralded Grain.

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Millet is the unsung grain – and I have discovered this is for good reason. It has a peculiar quality I have not before encountered with other grains. Perhaps first we should consider the other grains I speak of.

Now, everyone knows what wheat tastes like – the yeasty, homey smell of fresh bread, or the richness of a whole-wheat pasta. Wheat is good! And rice – that fragrant aroma, especially with basmati rice, that fills the air and invites you to add rich and powerful flavours to complement it, instead of overpowering it. Oats, too, have their own particular aroma and a certain pleasantness on the palate.

But millet has no flavour at all.

It sounds surprising! That a food can have – no flavour? That’s right. No discernible flavour I could notice, and I bought organic stuff. ‘Cook as you would rice’ it said. So I did! And it was perfectly cooked (rice cookers are good at doing that). I took a bite.

It is just like eating tiny styrofoam spheres. The flavour (or lack thereof) and texture are just not pleasant. I could see it, maybe, as couscous replacement for those who can’t eat wheat – it might make an excellent tabbouleh! But on its own, millet is definitely nothing to write home about – except to say, ‘blech!’. Millet – the unsung grain.

May it remain so!


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