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Have you ever wondered just how people make extra money completing surveys on their computer?  If you’re like me you have.  I have heard of people making untold fourtunes on their computer with surveys!  If this is true or not I couldn’t say.  However I can say that it is possible to make some money each month filling out surveys!

Out of curiosity I signed up with a few companies and surprisingly enough I did make a little extra spending money completing surveys.  I know hard to believe but true.  I didn’t make that fortune but I did make a little.  Let’s just face it these hard economic times who couldn’t use an extra $20 a month!

The registration process was simple.  Most of these companies only require minimal personal information:  Name, age, email (most send money via Paypal).  The surveys themselves were simple to complete as well.  Some in fact were quite enjoyable.  I completed a survey on a certain type of toothbrush and thought how neat it would be to have something like that available for my children.  Three months later I saw it in Wal-Mart.  That was very cool, I felt like some how I helped put that product on the market.  Needless to say my kids use that toothbrush!

There are a few things you might want to be aware of before you start your journey to becoming a few dollars richer.  I have pulled together a list of things you misht want to watch out for and some companies to start out with.  I have even included a link where you can check the companies out before signing up.  If you would like to learn more about Money and Surveys visit:  Earn Extra Money with Surveys.


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