How to Put on A Condom (women only)

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It’s way sexier for the woman to put a condom on a man, than for the man to do it.  So ladies, get over your shyness and learn how to do this properly. 

Condoms come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and yes flavors.  Some are even ribbed or non-ribbed.  Some have spermicide and some do not.  It’s all personal preference, however using spermicide will give you further protection and help in other ways (see below).   Go shopping together to pick them out or just buy a variety of different kinds to see which ones you prefer.

If you are embarrassed to do this with a partner the first time, try using a banana or a dildo.   Be sure to open the condom package carefully so that you don’t rip the condom.  Be sure to unroll the condom slightly and add a few  drops of lubricant or spermicide to the inside of the condom.  This helps prevent the condom from breaking once you are having sex.  Hold the tip of the condom to be sure their is space for the semen to go and roll the condom down your partner’s penis.

After your partner ejaculates, hold on to the condom until he completed pulls out.  Don’t flush the condom down the toilet but discard in a garbage can.


*  Ladies, you can try putting a condom on with your mouth.  This can really excite you partner and also entice him to use condoms if he is reticent. 
*  Be sure to check the expiration date on the condom.
*  Never carry a condom in your pocket.  The heat can melt make the condom ineffective.
*  Never use vaseline as a lubricant; it can destroy the condom.
*  If the condom packet does not have an intake air pocket, don’t use it.
*  Never use a sheepskin condom if you’re using them to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS.  They can let the virus through.


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