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We all have make up mistakes sometimes, but there are easy ways to solve them without too much hassle.

Too much blusher.

If you have gone overboard on the blusher, the quickest and easiest thing to do is brush a little loose powder over the top of the blusher. This will help to make the blusher appear softer.

Sliding foundation.

If your foundation slides off your face, the chances are your skin is too oily. Use an oil free foundation and apply it when your skin is cool and dry. When you have applied your foundation, finish it off with a dusting of loose powder, or lightly apply pressed powder all over your face.

Shiny patches.

This is another problem caused by over active sebaceous (oil) glands. Use oil blotting papers on the shiny patches, do not keep applying foundation, as this will make your skin look caked in make up.

Straight or short eyelashes.

If your eyelashes are straight or short, curl them before you apply mascara. Use a curling and lengthening mascara, apply it by holding the wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle it gently from side to side as you move it up the lashes.

Under eye bags.

Many beauticians use haemorrhoid cream to remove bags from under the eyes. Apply a small amount to the bags; leave for about fifteen minutes then wipe off.

Yellow nails.

This is normally caused by wearing dark nail polish without putting a base coat. Rub lemon juice onto your fingernails. Alternatively, whitening toothpaste can be used in the same way, look for one that is specifically designed for smokers. They have a stronger ingredient in them that helps to counteract the yellow stains that you get from smoking.


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