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This website (www.funorb.com) is my newest discovery in looking for computer games that can be played quickly. Fun orb has  at least 13 or so games that are all playable in your browser using java language, with ADSL connection most of them take only 5 minutes at the most to play. The graphics are neat, not especially good, but then again this is java, and the games do load relatively quickly.

The main sell of this website for me is the range of games, they have chess, pool, platform games and strategy games, also a lot of their games seem to be both solo player or multiplayer games. From the few times I played online against other players I found that it didn’t take more than a few minutes to find some players and get into a game, so the site seems to have a strong backing of players. There seems to be chat rooms in all the multiplayer games also so that you can chat with your oppenonents. Id say that about 50 percent of the time the other players are friendly and up to chatting as well as helping out a newbie.

There are tutorials for most of the games, and also instructions that you can read before you play, but you can also just jump in the deep end and play the game. I tried that several times and found it hard to work out how to play, I was thinking that the stie would be better if the games had ingame tuturials that you could look at while your playing, if you regretted just jumping in.


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