Beginner’s Runescape Mining Guide Guide to a Nearly All Profit Trade Skill for the Free RS MMORPG

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Runescape miners are capable of providing the raw materials needed for the blacksmithing skills or earning a tidy profit fromt he trade skill. Alll a mining character needs to get started is a pick and a mineral node. The first pick is given to a Runescape character after he completes the tutorial island.

Mining in Runescape works in a manner similar to how it works in World of Warcraft. Simply find a mineral node and mine it. Before a character can mine a mineral node, he first must determine what the item that he is trying to mine. Once he knows what he is mining, he can wield his pickax to save space in his backpack or simply click on the node to start mining the materials.

Mined Minerals and Ores

Mineral and ore mining requires a player to have a certain skill level before a metal or mineral can be mined. The game will let a player know the required level if he does not meet the requirements. A list of ores and minerals follows with the skill levels needed to mine them.

  • Rune Essence, Clay, Copper Tin, Limestone – 1
  • Bluenite – 10
  • Iron – 15
  • Silver, Elemental – 20
  • Coal, Gold, Gem Rocks – 40
  • Mithril – 55
  • Admant – 70
  • Runite – 85

A successful mining attempt in Runescape will give a character an amount of experience depnding on the type of material retrieved. (It works the same way for all Runescape skills.) A list of locations for each ore and gem type can be found on the Global Runescape website.

Profitability of Mining in Runescape

Mining is used in a number of other trade skills in Runescape. It is also used to produce runes that power the magic in the game. Because the only cost associated with the skill is purchasing a pick, mining, like woodcutting, is almost pure profit. Minerals sell back to a vendor decently, or a player can make more money for his character by selling them to other players in the game.

Mining in Runescape is a good trade skill to take up either for a profit or to support the other trade skills that require it, like blacksmithing and rune crafting. Mining can be used to line the pockets of a Runescape character with gold or to allow him to gain experience in other trade skills.

Which one a player chooses depends on what he feels fits his character and what he is willing to spend his time in game doing. Extracting ore from the ground can be a rewarding, although time consuming, experience. Runescape does not limit the number of trade skills a character can learn. Mining is also used to gather the raw materials for runecrafting.


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